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Hello travelers! Wondering what place, you should visit next? Well, here I have 5 destinations that have to be in your bucket list. Curious about beautiful places? Let’s get into it.

The first destination is called Maroon Bells located about 10 miles from Aspen, Colorado, the Maroon Bells is about 14,000 – foot peaks in the Elk Mountains. Reflected on lake maroon is a crystal clear, curled up in a glacial valley. It is the crown jewels of the Rocky Mountains and is by far the most photographed views in the country. 

In the summer when you come hiking the trails will take you through fields of wildflowers, in the fall. The best photography spot is one of the many hiking trails. Which can be only accessed by motorcycles. The lake is popular among fly-fishermen even if they don’t catch anything, the beauty all around them is enough. 

The second place is called Grand Canyon. It is steep about 1 mile deep and up to 18 miles wide. Its sheer size is breathtaking and although you can see only a small part of it even from the best vantage point, its geology and its age fire the imagination. 

The layers of colorful rock show the passage of the time and some of the rocks at the bottom are 1,8 billion years old. 

The third one is the Blue Ridge Mountains the location is in the eastern United States. The Blue Ridge Mountains stretch from their southernmost end in Georgia all the way northward to Pennsylvania. 

If you see it from a distance the Blue Ridge Mountains appear in blue the trees that release gas are called isoprene responsible for the bluish color. 

Within the Blue Ridge Mountains, there are two large national parks which are the Shenandoah and the Great Smoky Mountains. To enjoy the view and get to know the Blue Ridge is simply by taking the Blue Ridge Parkway. 

Oia, Santorini, Greece that fourth most beautiful place in the world located on top of a cliff with a spectacular view of the Palea volcano, Nea Kameni, and the island of Thirassia, Oia is the most popular and beautiful village in the Greek island of Santorini. 

Oia will amaze you with its traditional stone houses lining the narrow streets, wonderful blue-domed churches, and sunbaked verandas.

Oia is a quiet place different from very busy Fira, most travelers enjoy strolling through the villages small port of Ammoudi by descending 300 steps down the cliffs, or visit colorful galleries showcasing art from many famous artists. 

Last but not least Garden of the Gods, simply take a short drive from Colorado then you’ll find this wonderful SpringGarden of the Gods. It is a public city park that doesn’t need any attractions because nature has taken care of that. 

There are hundreds of immense red sandstone spires, bridges, and other precariously balanced rock formations that are intersected by 15 miles of well-managed trails. Rock climbing is very popular in this park. 

The park was formed by bedded sandstone, limestone, and conglomerates by the forces that built nearby Pikes Peak massif, tilting into a vertical position. 

Those are the 5 most beautiful places in the world that you must visit. It’s always better to do some preparation before traveling. Other than listing the destinations and budgets you also need to learn several languages of the places your planning to go to. You can simply take an online course to exercise your conversations and speaking skills in foreign languages

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