Reasons Why You Should Study at BLCC

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Being the home of one of the most ancient civilizations and having one of the oldest cultures and languages, China continues to be an enigma to the entire world. Known as the “Sleeping Giant” in the past centuries, China and its secrets have been closed to the world until their government finally decided to open up and interact with other countries. Now, Chinese Mandarin is the most widely spoken language in the world, and the Chinese have assimilated themselves into every country.

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This is why the BLCC (Beijing Chinese Language and Culture College) was finally founded in 1950. Being a subordinate institution of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council of China (OCAO), the BLCC is renowned for its outstanding teaching and services provided by only the most professional Chinese instructors and employees. With its advanced, modern, and state-of-the-art facilities that can accommodate at least 2000 students at one time, the BLCC serves as a training center for Chinese teachers, a research and development center of Chinese education, and a Chinese language and culture learning center. The BLCC also has joined the ranks of other institutions considered as teaching bases by the OCAO – making the BLCC a training base authorized by the State Language Commission of China for language application and a site to hold the HSK (Chinese proficiency test).

Because China has opened itself to the world and spread out its people to other countries, the BLCC offers courses and programs to Chinese and foreigners overseas to promote cultural exchanges. Their programs are of three types. The Non-Degree Programs (Chinese Language Class, HSK Class, Reading & Writing Class, and Business Chinese Class) are offered with flexible schedules to students. The Degree Programs (Bachelor’s Degree Class in Chinese Teaching, Bachelor’s Degree Class various majors, College Degree Class in Chinese Language, Bachelor’s Degree Class in Chinese Language, and Chinese Traditional Medicine Class) are offered as one to 4-year courses to complete. The BLCC also has Short-time Programs (Short-term Chinese Class, Short-term Chinese Culture Experiencing Class, China Talent Summer Camp of Kung Fu, Dancing, Calligraphy, Traditional Chinese painting, etc.,and Chinese Teachers’ Seminar). Online Chinese language classes are also available.

In addition to their world-class facilities and programs, the BLCC also has accommodations for its students who want to stay and study within the campus. The dorm facilities are designed to make living and studying for the students a lot more comfortable. All the rooms are well-ventilated, air-conditioned, well-furnished, and contain washrooms. Students within the campus are entertained with activities and are given amenities. With all these, many will think that getting into BLCC is quite expensive. For those who fear that, the BLCC has many scholarship programs that give equal opportunities for students to enroll and enjoy the courses at the institute.

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